Rigorous Digital-First Growth Strategy


Built in partnership with TPG, Affinity Group works with investors seeking value-creating insights and operators with a mandate for change. Our products and services aim to measure, develop, and execute growth strategy, mapped against specific business objectives. Led by highly qualified specialists, Affinity Group is designed to address the marketing opportunities and challenges facing growth-driven organizations.


Products and Services



Topline critical assessment of brand performance against competitors and industry



Comprehensive digital marketing evaluation to inform diligence, underwriting, and growth strategy



Robust digital marketing strategy mapped against business plan to efficiently drive returns and performance


Short term engagement to implement new strategies and onboard new solutions



Ongoing analytics and reporting to track and optimize performance


Engagements are structured to be fixed and short term.

For access to Affinity Group reports or sample case studies please email inquiries@affinitygroup.co


Business-Building Investors


In addition to offering advisory services, Affinity Group operates as an investor and accelerator for unique, best in class digital marketing solutions. Identifying and investing in uncommon, transformative ideas and entrepreneurs is essential to how we work with partners.  Affinity is continuously sourcing new ideas, finding new ways to think about problems and solutions, and most importantly, operating inside an investor-minded culture focused on growth and performance.  

To learn more about Affinity Group investments, please email investments@affinitygroup.co


Our Team is Growing

Our team is passionate about solving complex problems and making a significant and measurable impact for our clients and partners.

If you excel at critical thinking, data analysis, pattern recognition, problem solving, and have a background in management consulting, private equity operations, and/or strategic marketing, we’d love to get to know you.


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